Kim Klokkenga(non-registered)
Bruce / Meg

First, Meg... you did a fine job with your contributions to the newsletter. Bruce... you just proved you have more time on your hands than Meg!
I always enjoy your stories and your photos. Here’s to a happy and eventful 2018.... which of course we won’t hear about until 29 days into 2019!
Judy and Jerry(non-registered)
Hello sweet bro and sis-in-law. This once a year thing is getting to be a habit, guess we should be happy with what we get, right? Time sure does fly by and, like you say, the older the faster! Always enjoy the annual letter. Glad to see you are keeping busy! So sorry about the loss of your beautiful and loving pets. It must seem strange to not see Seppie out in the pastures and Lucky was such a sweet dog. I remember seeing his big torn side. He was very lucky in his life many times.

Now I must address Olivia. First she is very pretty and has legs that go on for miles! It does take awhile to adjust to a new home but she must be very happy where she is at.

Olivia, don't take it personally when you get "Bruceified". It only means he loves you. Someone else had the name Olive Oil before you. Any guesses who? Thankfully, it wasn't given to me by my brother. It's those beautiful long legs! Probably!! You are in your forever home and that is a great place to be.

All is well here and thanks for the update. A quiet year but sounds like a good one.

Love, J&J
Jackie Hutchings(non-registered)
Good morning.

I have just read your annual letter for 2017 and I love your comments, your photos, your stories and your love of pets. I am sorry for the losses of all your pets and know that they are so hard to overcome. I think you do a fabulous job each and every year telling us all about your lives. It is like sitting and watching a movie of my family. I really enjoy the time and effort and personalization you put into this each year.

I will get to read the Egypt travel next but in the meantime, thank you again. Enjoy each other and all your great pets every chance you have.

Love to you both, XO XO Jackie.
Ginger Huth(non-registered)
I really enjoyed your letter! The photography was exquisite, and I enjoyed the animals, the lunar eclipse, the, well everything.

I am so glad that you are finally getting to enjoy a taste of retirement by travelling. You have worked so hard!

Thanks for staying in touch. I agree that family is shrinking each year, and I am glad that we are able to stay connected. Best wishes for 2016!
Jackie Hutchings(non-registered)
loved it, reading about every thing you accomplished this year and plans for 2016. your pictures and your stories are so lovely and magnificent. you two know how to pick out the best in life and enjoy it and bring it to life for others. thank you..

love you both, jackie.
Sidney Fry(non-registered)
Well another interesting annual letter. Here’s my two bit comments:

What a combo, museum and wrecking yard! Didn’t know you were so interested in Egypt that early on…must of been all those epic films at the Encinal Drive-in that stirred you. That’s pretty cool to be able to include the xmas stories with just a tap on the page. (I haven’t read them yet, but I’m sure they’ll be worth reading.) This must be the new navigating system! I liked the ‘Southwest’ B&B. What an interesting trip for you two. The drone photos are terrific. They certainly tell it like no other ground photo can. Klondike and Seppie!!! Love the one with your red truck by that huge rock and the ‘road’ to get there! Also of your house with the Palo Verde predominate. Really pretty. And that ocean costal view!!!!!! Gorgeous…you can see the curvature of the earth. All the photos are so clear. Hope everyone clicked on the pages to enlarge them, cause the little pictures do not do them justice. Mandy is getting more mature looking. So pretty. Love that photo of John on the rock. So cute: all the 3 ‘Lassie’s’ at 4:00!
Looks like you have been very busy with the projects! Office! That gate to Dougie’s garden IS BEAUTIFUL! Surely, you made it. Planter in front is cool too. Wow, the lunar eclipse photos are awesome. Really enjoyed it all!

Love, Sid
Judy Neuamnn(non-registered)
Well, lots of time has elapsed since last we corresponded. Do you remember me? I vaguely remember a man with two chins, sitting in a row boat. Possibly, was that you? I do remember that his wife was having to do all the work! I could just with one click, copy and paste my last entry because nothing much has changed in almost 3 years, but I can't say that I have become that lazy. Beautiful yearly holiday letter. Always so glad to receive them, but, I'm sure as you must have noticed, not so good about responding. Your trip to Egypt sounds like a once in a lifetime experience. I'm so happy that you two will get to go. I know it is a place you have always dreamed about seeing. King Tut and all that you know. Sounds like all is going well with you and family. We are all fine and healthy here. We have added a new addition to our little group. His name is Kai and he is 7 years old, so we think. We also think he is part poodle and Schnauzer? A sweet and cute little one that we are both enjoying. We still have the motorhome but might be considering selling it. Are still working on the homestead and when through will make a decision then. The grands are sure growing up. Jake is now 22 and quite a fine young man. Time is a passing!!..Hope to be in touch again soon..Love, J&J
Gary Risa(non-registered)
See...I do check your site. How about up dating it from time to time.
Sid Fry(non-registered)
THIS WEBSITE IS SO IMPRESSIVE. Sure looking forward to all you will fill in. There are so many things I want to comment on that I am just going to call you!!!
Do you have a few business cards for LoneOakProGraphics that I may have? You never know when you might run into a potential client needing one of the many services you provide.
Judy Neumann(non-registered)
Hi B: Great hearing from you. It's looking good, more done since the last time I visited. How do you find the time to manage all of it?. I can barely keep up with one thing. I added my e-mail address and web site so hope that will work out. My computer has been in the shop for a little while or I would have gotten back to you sooner. All better now, but nothing is in the same place it was before, so takes me longer to figure it all out. I haven't talked to Sid lately, she is such a busy bee! Jerry is at work at the apartments so best get something done before he gets home. Give Meg big hugs and keep up the good work..Love, J
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