Lone Oak Graphics was started in 1991 as a CAD (Computer Aided Design) drafting service for several California dealers of Lindal Cedar Homes of Seattle, Washington. I left my job at one of the major computer companies to seek a new degree in Geomatics Engineering (surveying and mapping) and needed a source of income with flexible hours while doing so.

I started with a pen plotter but soon moved up to an ink jet plotter. This new "near photo quality" plotter and the advent of digital cameras in the mid-90's lead to making poster size prints of digital images and eventually some graphic arts projects. This was a lot of fun and I continued with Graphic Arts as a sideline while I pursued my engineering career.

Now there's a pretty good story in itself, working with  NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Department of Defense on development of a radar mapping system for a jet aircraft flying at 35,000 feet. Throw in a few semesters teaching computer programming and digital mapping at the Engineering department of California State University, Fresno (while real professors were on sabbatical) and I can say it was a very interesting time...but has little to do with Lone Oak proGraphics so let me get back on track.

After retiring, I invested in high end true photo quality printers and plotter and powerful work stations with state of the art graphics cards and dual large flat screen monitors. Software is from Adobe, OnOne, Alien Skin, Photodex, Red Giant and many others. To inaccurately quote a line from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, "Hell the upgrades alone will probably kill you".

The company was named Lone Oak because of a grand old oak tree that resided just outside of the sunroom of our then home in the foothills of the Sierra in Fresno county, California. It became Lone Oak proGraphics a few years ago because the "pro" seemed to add a little more credibility to the name...and truth be told, the Lone Oak Graphics domain name was already taken. I didn't know they even had oak trees in Minnesota.

The various divisions of Lone Oak proGraphics are listed below. Click on the blue text to go to each division's home page.

Lone Oak proGraphics is the parent and the graphic arts design and printing division.

Lone Oak Productions produces slide shows, videos and multimedia shows.

Duffus Entertainment produces animations, title sequences and credits sequences.

Desert Dust Productions is our newest division and is taxed with R and D for new ideas and techniques. Since the Lone Oak name was derived from our previous location in California, I thought it was appropriate to name this new division for our new location in the Sonoran desert northwest of Phoenix, AZ.

Bruce Allred Photography is pretty much self explanatory. I am not a professional in the sense that I do not photograph events or people for a fee. I use my photography as a source of material for Lone Oak projects and as a means to capture places and times in our personal lives. You may notice from several of my galleries that I have a great love of the American automobile as well as other forms of transportation. If this isn't your cup of tea, I have so many interests that I'm sure you can find something to your liking.