Duffus Entertainment is responsible for all animations, titles and credits that appear in Lone Oak Productions presentations. They also, on occasion, produce short subject shows which are generally of a humorous nature such as Dead Skunk and The Egg and Me.

The division's namesake was Douglas (stage name Duffus T. Rex, Esq.), a smallish (not counting girth in his later years) yellow lab who brought great joy to our family. Douglas was pampered but led a difficult life in the area of health. He had distemper as a puppy, two knee surgeries and two bouts with cancer in his thirteen years. With the last bout of cancer, when he could no longer keep anything down including his pain pills, it was time to do what we had to do for his sake. He seemed so happy to be going for a ride (to the vet's) making what was to come that much harder for us. It is fitting that the humorous aspect of this company should be named for him for all the joy he brought to all that knew him in his short lifetime. By the way, he was named Douglas because I always wanted to say "Look at all that Douglas fur (FIR) on my dark slacks. We also had a cat named Connie.

  Credits from "It's All About CARS"

Credits from "Amanda's Big ..."