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Our 1st Corvair-Purchased new just prior to marriage1965 Corvair Corsa in Cyprus Green with Saddle interior.air cooled 164 cid flat 6. 4-1 brl carbs, dual exhaust, 140 hpSpecial Corsa dash includes head temp gauge, 140 mph speedo, tach and clock. Wheel is sport option with telescopic column.B&W photos taken at Roeding Park, Fresno, CA circa 1967Original film was processed in my home darkroomThe negatives were scanned to produce these digital images.Corsa interior showing 4 spd manual trans. Sepia tone via Adobe Photoshop.Glenn Pray, the manufacturer of the 1966 Cord, bought what was left of the original Cord Automobile Co. and thus could use the original style crest.1966 Cord 8/10 Sportsman - Lone Oak Ranch, California - June 2000The dash is very similar to the originalSide pipes appeared on both sides of the hood on original Cords but were only on 1937 supercharged models.The 1966 Cord has side pipes on both turbo and non-turbo cars but are only on the right side.Dad, Dougie and I go for a spin - circa 1999My sister Sid would really like the car for her own. Lone Oak Ranch, Fresno County, CA - circa 1999

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