Lone Oak Productions is responsible for all multimedia, slide show and video productions. Animations, titles and credits are provided by our associate group, Duffus Entertainment.

Content of these productions can range from vacation slide shows to instructional videos to anything in between. Raw material for the productions can come from client supplied frames and footage or Lone Oak supplied materials or a combination of the two. We can work from printed photos, 35mm, 120/220 negatives, mounted 35mm, 120/220 slides, raw, tiff, jpeg and many other digital formats and video content on DV tape, CD or DVD or other forms of digital files. VHS and film content can be transferred to digital format by several outside vendors.

Final output can be on CD, DVD or Blu-Ray for viewing on a computer or television or data files for playing directly on a computer.

Click on the links below to see brief samples of some of our work.


Show 1 "It's All About Cars" - intro "Amanda's Big Island ..." - intro