As with most fields of endeavor there is a myriad of training available for photographers to improve their skills and techniques to produce better and more pleasing photographs. But like most art forms (and I do believe photography to be an art form - perhaps a subject for an upcoming blog segment should I ever get around to writing one) learning is not always enough without a certain amount of ability that is built into a person. One might be taught the "rule of thirds" or the pleasing use of an "s-curve" or how to judge proper exposure and the use of "depth of field" and on and on. But to instinctively take a photograph and include those elements that make a photograph a piece of art without having to try to follow a laundry list of require elements and procedures generally comes from an inner knowledge that probably includes not only what you have been taught but also a talent that is a part of you beyond the learning.

Sidney Fry is not a "trained" photographer. She has the eye and the ability to record what she sees the way she wants the viewer to see it. Her photography takes a slice of nature or a slice of time in someone's existence and presents it to the viewer the way she is experiencing it in her mind's eye. She doesn't dwell on proper techniques of object placement and division of elements, these things are taken care of naturally. She knows what she wants to show you and it happens.

Proceed to her galleries and enjoy.

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